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We are excited to offer enhanced check-in services within our practice.  Instead of paper forms, all our forms are in an online format.  After you make your appointment with our office, you will receive an e-mail with all of our patient forms and information sent to you electronically.  You will be able to fill out all your paperwork online, making your checkin process at our office seamless and quick, and all this information will be transmitted to us electronically. No more arriving 45 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out reams of paperwork, or worry about lost or missing forms!  These forms can be filled out on any computer or mobile device.  We also have devices available in the office for in-office use.  If, for some reason, a patient needs assistance, we can provide that at the time of appointment.

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We are also excited to offer a patient portal.  There are many things you can do through this portal, such as request appointments, check lab values, request refills and even email the doctor or nurse practitioner.  Please make sure you are signed up for this valuable service!

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