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5 Stars

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5 Stars

I started going to this office because I had trouble conceiving. My other OB doctors gave up on me. I first saw Jensen who did tests on me. she was awesome. She later referred me to see Dr. Booker in the office for his expertise in infertility. From the very first visit he gave me hope. We did a small procedure at the surgery center to get rid of the scar tissue I had. After healing we then jumped right in to methods to help get me pregnant. in less than a year I was pregnant! he was a great Ob during my whole pregnancy and then was awesome in doing my C-section welcoming my baby girl. I also went back for him to remove my stitches after my C-section healed. his whole team were great from the very beginning. from the front desk, to his assistants, to the ultrasound tech! They get to know you on a personal level. After giving birth I went back to see Dr. Booker for an IUD which went well. Madalia (sorry if I spelled that wrong) held my had through the whole process. she was great with following up with me with all my test results when I was attempting to conceive. She always makes a point to say hey to me anytime I am in the building even if I am not seeing Dr. Booker that day. And they always ask me how my baby, who will be two soon :} is doing and always ask to see pictures of her. I also had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca who did routine check up on me. she was very nice and made you feel very comfortable with speaking to you. I have referred co-workers and friends to this office and I will continue to do so because I don't think there is a better office than this one. I will be going to Winter Haven OBGYN for a very long time. T. Noble

5 Stars

Rebecca was very kind and patient with my many questions about birth control methods. She made the Pap smear process very quick and easy and was helpful in planning my future care. I like that she has a quiet, calm demeanor. She made me feel at ease for what is still a somewhat uncomfortable procedure to some.
5 Stars

Dr Booker is very informative, I really appreciate all office staff for helping me through my process of surgery and sending me out to referrals..meaning to see other options and come back to him to make sure I was comfortable. Hands Down doctor...He also did an excellent job with my mom. He has been doctor over 20 years. He is very patient!

5 Stars

Highly recommended! From the doctors, nurses and office staff everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. Dr.Booker and Dr.Melbourne made me feel very comfortable throughout my whole prenatal care and during the delivery. After my delivery things got complicated but they were both there to help. They work very close with the Winter Haven Regency and the staff over there was excellent also.

5 Stars

Dr. Booker and his staff are wonderful, I would highly recommend him. He takes the time to sit and listen and doesn't rush you out the door. He knows his stuff, i trust him with my life.


5 Stars

I've had a wonderful experience here throughout my pregnancy. My midwife and doctor worked together as an amazing team to get me through this exciting new part of my life. I'm so grateful for all they've done for me and my little one. 

5 Stars

I had my first appointment with Kim Jenson and I have to say, she is awesome! I haven’t been seen in quite some time and she made the experience easy...for an OB/GYN anyway. The staff was very pleasant as well.

5 Stars

Everyone was polite & friendly, I was attended fast. Definitely coming here for my yearly check ups.

5 Stars

I would highly recommend Dr. Kimberly Jensen she is a very kind and very compassionate Dr. I can say this is the best Dr office I have ever been to. OB visits can feel intrusive but I didn't feel that way at all for the first time ever. The turn around on labs was a week and ultrasound results also. The ultrasound tech was also very kind and pleasant.

5 Stars

Very caring staff kim Jensen is very caring she listen and she help find a solution to your problem
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